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Our Farm


We bought and planted 95,000 square meters (2.5 acres) in 2010. We planted solid Tam Vong, some fruit trees, and Japanese Black Bamboo and Black Bamboo from Bali. Our full time farmers care for our plantations and the bamboo master team does all the maintenance and harvesting. 


Vietnamese Girls Harvesting Bamboo

This year it yielded about 4,000 mature healthy poles and every year that number will grow until we are consistently getting 8,000 to 10,000 solid poles per year at full maturity. We intend to continue to plant more each year.

Wherever the poles come from, whether it be our farm, another farm or source, all green pole processing is done at our farm. We receive truckloads, approximately 30,000 to 40,000 poles a year and do all the processing here.

When the green poles arrive, they need to be straightened over fire.  We are very careful to straighten without burning the surface. The poles are then dried in the sun. Sun drying produces a pole that is better quality and a more beautiful color than kiln drying. Kiln drying happens faster but also creates a lot of stress in the pole which makes it more susceptible to splitting. Only sun drying will leave the poles a beautiful golden color. Once they are the right color, we then store them in our warehouses.

We treat dry poles in a solution of Neobor and Optibor, both are sodium based insecticides that will kill any bugs that try to eat the bamboo.  



Bamboo Farming

The Factory

We have just completed building the first phase of construction on our new factory in Baria-Vung Tau Province on 2,600 square meters of land with 3 phase electricity and container truck loading access. The factory houses our work area, office, storage and finishing area. We also constructed a separate house for up to 20 employees to live on the factory site. 



Straightening Bamboo Poles

This video is at Bamboo Master's Farm in Ho Tram Vietnam.

Harvesting Bamboo

Bamboo Harvesting Vietnam Style. Located in Ho Tram Vietnam, Bamboo Master Farm has a professional staff which practice sustainable farming. Harvesting the bamboo at the right time is a huge part of the process. If bamboo is harvested in the wrong season it tends to be.........read more at www.bamboomaster.co

Free Range Chickens

Chickens roam free on the farm adding fertilizer to the bamboo. Using the leaves as a mulch to keep the soil moist and also add fertilizer as the leaves breakdown into the soil. Sustainable practices that create a natural synergy.

Burning Bamboo Debris

Burning Bamboo

Unloading Bamboo Poles