We source from several managed plantations

in Southern  and Central Vietnam.


We own our own private Tam Vong plantation in Baria Province Vietnam. We planted this just over 5 years ago and although it is young, it supplies us the highest quality solid poles in smaller diameter.

We have been managing a larger plantation for the past 10 years. This is a mature stand of 22 years that covers an area of about 7 hectares. Since we have taken over the managements, the quality and yield have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

We also source from Tam Vong and Tre Gai dealers in Southern Vietnam, Central Vietnam and Cambodia. We do our own onsite quality control and selection at the bamboo yards.

All poles are straightened without burn marks, treated with Neobor and Optibor to prevent any insect infestations and sun dried on site at our pole processing facility by our bamboo masters.

There are over 2,000 types of bamboo and all have different qualities. We only work with the best species and ONLY select mature poles. This eliminates any concerns of issues with infestation.  Insects are ONLY interested in the starches and sugars that are in some bamboo’s. We only work with bamboos that have extremely low levels of sugar, we harvest at the right time of year and the perfect age. We also treat and sun dry all our poles. The concerns you may have are not an issue with our superior farming, harvesting and treatment techniques.